Customer-Focused, Technical Support

RS Labs was founded out of a need to provide a high-level of technical support that was absent for a majority of adhesive consumers in the marketplace. Our strong technical emphasis means that our entire team, from our on-site chemists to our technical representatives, is able to step in and offer that technical support that you may not receive elsewhere.

With more than 20 years of experience, the technical chemists at RS Labs will help you find the right adhesive for your unique application. After evaluating your processes, substrates and overall needs, the lab’s research and analysis team can recommend and help implement the best adhesive for your particular needs, whether that be an in-stock product or custom formulation. All products are pretested to ensure quality and consistent performance.

Testing Focused on Your Application

Our goal at RS Labs is to focus on our customers’ individual packaging applications. Each and every application is unique, so we really like to take the time to understand your particular process so we can help you to the best of our ability.

For each customer, we test their substrates, whether it’s glossy ink-coated stock, metallized PET, or standard corrugated. We also look at how the glue performs when it’s exposed to heat as well as cold temperatures to simulate real-life end use conditions of the package. All of our testing is geared towards the lifetime of the package, from off the line until it reaches its customers.

We have hundreds of glues available, so we narrow down the options by testing different formulas. This allows us to meet the specific goals of the customer.


RS Labs Provides:

Substrate testing to pinpoint the best adhesive solution

Adhesive performance testing to simulate real-life end use conditions (e.g., heat, cold)

Testing aimed at helping you meet your specific goals, which may include:

•    Reducing costs
           •    Bonding difficult substrates
           •    Increasing heat resistance of adhesive

Failure Analysis

•    Identify cause of failure
           •    Provide a solution
           •    Help implement the solution at your facility

Adhesive Heat Stress Test

industrial hot melt