Freeze Season Warning 
November 2016 – April 2017 

To keep your lines running smoothly during the winter:

•   Place purchase orders to ship early in the week so that product is not in transit over weekends.

•   Remember a carrier can and will embargo (refuse to make pickups and deliveries) if they feel it is too cold to transport product. If an embargo does occur RS Industrial, Inc. will contact you for alternate shipping instructions, so please give yourself plenty of lead time.

•   Accounts responsible for freight charges - BE ADVISED – To help protect from freezing, small quantity pail orders may be automatically upgraded to next or 2nd day delivery. These additional costs will be added to the invoice.

•   To prevent product from freezing, be sure to always keep liquid adhesives in storage areas at or above 55˚F (13˚C) and away from open doors, cold areas, etc.

•   Please be sure to inspect all Liquid Adhesive Products upon delivery in the presence of the carrier’s driver, to ensure there is no evidence of frozen product. The following label will be placed on liquid products to help remind you during this freeze season.

•   It is in the best interest of the consignee to inspect the product at the time of delivery. If this is not done, and the receiver accepts the goods, it is assumed that the goods are not frozen at the time of delivery and it becomes the responsibility of the consignee. 

•   Once it is clearly established the product is frozen beyond its intended use (visibly inspected and/or tested to ensure the product is unacceptable), it should be refused and sent back with the carrier. Please note any comments on the carrier delivery document.

If you have any questions concerning the attached information, please contact RS Industrial Customer Service department: 770-844-1748 or