Premium Industrial Adhesives

Helping Customers Build Better Bonds with Adhesive Technology & Support


Red_square_icon   Adhesive Squares

Adhesive Squares™ are double-sided, pressure-sensitive adhesives on a release liner that bond instantly to almost any substrate. Build your own!

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Blue_square_iconFixAll Glue

FixAll Glue™ cyanoacrylates, structural adhesives, anaerobics and silicones are designed to meet a wide variety of bonding and sealing applications.

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Black_square_iconAdhesion Science

Adhesion Science™ industrial hot melts, water-based adhesives and glue sticks are of equal or higher quality than most national brands.

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green_square_iconTacAll Tape

Our TacAll Tape line offers a variety of tapes, including double-sided, foam, high bond and transfer tapes, available on all types of materials, up to 23."

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Why Choose RSI?


In 1993, RS Industrial was born because the company’s founders realized that adhesive users needed a hands-on, consultative approach to service that their current suppliers were not providing.


Since then, we have continued to provide this service via accuracy, speed, adaptability, customization and product technology. What makes us different from the others? Put simply, our passion for our customers.


Our company is a collection of 4 strategically located warehouses, 40,000 square feet of offices and more than 30 passionate employees—all dedicated to filling the void of hands-on service that our company leaders discovered more than 20 years ago.